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August 15, 2022, 1:32 pm
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Driving growth for brands in a mobile-first world

Bangladesh Beyond
  • Updated on Tuesday, August 2, 2022
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Driving growth for brands in a mobile-first world


Dhaka August 02 2022 :


In this digital age, brands are utilizing the power of apps that offer digital marketing support and solutions to grow their businesses.

Branding, marketing, and advertising have always been about connecting with audiences in the right place and at the right time. In today’s mobile-first world, this means meeting them where they spend a lot of time – the internet.

ITU data shows that internet usage accelerated significantly during the pandemic. In 2019, 54 percent of the world’s population was using the internet. Since then, the percentage of users in 2021 has increased to 63 percent of the population.

The global crisis forced people to become heavily dependent on the internet and technological devices such as smartphones. This increased digitization and demand for mobile apps has introduced an entire industry comprising app-based businesses, including e-commerce. Driven by digitization, improvement in technology and infrastructure, and the pandemic, the e-commerce sector accelerated rapidly, expediting digital maturity in Bangladesh.

With the culmination of the thriving e-commerce industry and multipurpose applications, we are entering an era of modern marketing. Apps have become a great tool to fuel business growth by building brand awareness and creating an engaging audience base. They also support the execution of branding and advertising campaigns. Therefore, it is imperative that we prioritize apps in reaching target customers for businesses. By means of these digital platforms, brands gradually attain the right audience by curating engaging content and campaigns.

SHAREit is one such example of a cross-platform file-sharing app that also facilitates digital marketing, acting as an intermediary for companies to reach their audience. It comprises impressive opportunities for brands to create exciting campaigns on the platform. With 2.4 billion total installed users worldwide from the SHAREit group, including the SHAREit app, the platform provides unique advertising solutions via customized marketing strategies and innovative ad formats for businesses to grow.

The platform caters to the digital ecosystem by assisting brands in achieving immense growth and high retention. Through the app’s unique advertising solutions, brands can run ads and targeted campaigns on the platform, allowing them to reach the platform’s billions of users globally. Hence, brands must use the opportunities provided by apps like SHAREit to reach out to the targeted audience and drive substantial growth for their app-based businesses.

As technology continues to evolve, today’s mobile-first world offers new opportunities for both companies and consumers. In order to thrive in this mobile-first world, companies must rethink their approach to brand awareness and consumer satisfaction. It is time to utilize the power of applications to drive growth in an innovative and sustainable manner.

Md. Enamul Hassan, Head of Online Marketing at Daraz Bangladesh, the leading e-commerce marketplace across South Asia says, “2 out of every 3 internet users in Bangladesh use SHAREit, which shows how massively penetrated they are in the region. Despite a low internet penetration of less than 30%, the number of people going online in Bangladesh grew by 19.2%, second only to Pakistan. We needed to tap into this growth and SHAREit was the perfect platform to run an engaging campaign and pull new users into using our app.’’


Karam Malhotra, Partner and Global Vice President at SHAREit Group says “We are excited to support the leading e-commerce brands like Daraz and facilitate their growth at scale. Our objective is to ensure that we add massive value and growth to our partners with strong performance solutions in the region. Our global clients are increasing incrementally with a year-on-year growth rate of nearly 30% in 2022.”


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