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August 15, 2022, 1:37 pm
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Forward Party suggested measures to the Government for a stable economy

Bangladesh Beyond
  • Updated on Saturday, August 6, 2022
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In recent months due to myriad of reasons Bangladesh and many other economies are suffering. In Bangladesh, we are also noticing devaluation of Taka versus the Dollar.
These issues are putting pressure on our economy and daily lives. I belong to Forward Party, a political party in Bangladesh. We would like to offer some strategy so that things begin to turn better in Bangladesh. Many policy changes are also needed but a quick fix strategy may stabilize our economy as well. Sharing the views below.
Forward Party believes that the Government take the following measures immediately.
1. Take a comparative statement of all 350 MPs (including reserved seats) between 2009 and 2022 and scrutinize the statement of accounts. If discrepancy is found, then the amount must be deposited into national treasury with profit/interest.
2. Do the same with people in the government and related services. If discrepancy is found then follow the procedure laid in item 1.
3. Reduce all luxury spending immediately,
4. Stop using all expensive cars and reduce the size of government tours, focus on using technology so no gaps in efficiency are noticed
5. Many government buildings are totally unused after 4 pm and this is a total waste of national resources, so make procedure for the citizens to avail them for productive national development use,
6. Increase funding for SMEs so that a much larger proportion of people can avail SME support, 6. Introduce vocational learning centers for citizens to learn new trades (Government may analyze global and local employment needs and set these courses accordingly. Most needed professions will have more courses for citizens),
7. Introduce Technology hubs, centers, boot camps, IOT focused trainings, innovation centers, startup incubators, etc.
8. Develop global centers of knowledge (pick agriculture, ICT, etc. and focus with strategic alignment with global knowledge centers),
9. Create comprehensive Africa program so that Bangladeshi citizens can develop strong businesses in Africa and contribute to the advancement of Bangladeshi citizens. (other country programs may also be energized)
10. Ensure every unit of government is under strategic KPI assessment index (A huge untapped area of self-development is present within different wings of the government.) 10. Reduce the size of the government. (Large government is a drag on economic resources. The earlier the government understands it, the better for the country).
Forward Party is a political party promoting rational politics for the welfare of Bangladesh. FORWARD PARTY believes in uniting Bangladesh, as our citizens have the true potential to turn Bangladesh into a Sonar Bangladesh.
However, that positive Bangladesh will come not through false narratives, fallacious arguments and pipe dreams.
The citizens of Bangladesh have to realize that development without democracy is a recipe for failure.
Let us learn from other countries. We cannot be just sitting idle and wishing for democracy. Democracy is an inalienable right of all citizens. So, let us promote and practice our fundamental rights. We cannot continue on without having our fundamental voting rights back.
Anyone, not allowing our citizens’ to practice fundamental rights is an enemy of the State.
May Bangladesh move into a country flowing with democracy, anything else is a travesty. FORWARD PARTY invites all sensible citizens to connect.
FORWARD PARTY does not believe in FAMILY BASED politics and does not believe in NIGHT TIME VOTING.
Written by : Rtn Adv Ziaur Rahman, Citizens Open Forum (COF), Bangladesh


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