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September 27, 2023, 4:00 pm
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Iran ready to help Russia secure Zaporizhia central : media

Bangladesh Beyond
  • Updated on Thursday, September 1, 2022
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Dhaka September 01 2022 :
What struck the observer most through this 24-hour surprise visit by Iranian MAE Ami Abdollahiyan in Moscow?
The announcement of the creation of a free trade zone between Iran and Eurasia, the connection of the Russian transfer system “MIR” to its Iranian counterpart “Sheba”?
Or that perfectly unexpected statement from the Iranian who, during his joint press briefing with his Russian counterpart, admitted that he was asked by France to propose a truce to Russia?
Even though in Ukraine the great battle of Kherson is in full swing and that, according to Russian sources, tonight as many as 12 MLRS MARS II missiles were fired in the direction of the Russian pro positions, that the HARM anti-radaradar delivered by the US A are already in road and even Israeli SandCat type armored men appear in the middle of the battlefield…
More than one analyst would say that the surprising thing would have been the fact that Macron called Raissi to ask him to go as far as to plead with Russia the cause of a West that 13 years later still bicker with Iran around him a nuclear deal that, history will judge, was not aimed at only to permanently entangle Iran into an inextricable sanctions failure to keep it up forever.
Why should Iran care about Franco-European warmups then?
Cuz . Mr. will say so Macron, he sticks to the principle of neutrality and that the nature of his increasingly loose relations with Moscow and not too bad with Kiev makes him an ex deus machina of hell as winter is fast approaching.
Except that this explanation no longer convinces anyone in the world when it remembers that a thousand Iranian drones that the Washington Post calls bogus at the risk of provoking the laughter of the Kremlin spokesman Peskov who calls the newspaper The “possessed liar” was just delivered to the Russian army and that the first lots would have already arrived in Moscow and that the Russians would already be in talks with the Iranians to have maybe tactical missiles like Fateh 110 or Kheybar Shekane or even Fath. Is someone afraid of something?
Obviously otherwise how do you explain this call from Mr. Macron to an Iranian mediation while this Thursday the same Mr. Macron recommends the greatest firmness towards Iran regarding the nuclear issue.
But the deal of Iranian mediation in this conflict is far from the only surprising aspect of history, with the Iranian MAE also being off the hook when he announced during his joint press briefing with Lavrov that:
“Certain ideas have been put forward in view of the war in Ukraine.” We also discussed [with the Russian Foreign Minister] humanitarian issues… Iran has often expressed its willingness to act as an honest mediator in any negotiations aimed at ending the conflict. We discussed the issue of Zaporizhia nuclear power plant and prisoners of war with the Russian authorities. (… ) His Russian counterpart Wednesday, August 31. Iran is ready to cooperate with Russia to establish security at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant and stands ready to help in solving problems facing the nuclear power plant itself and surrounding areas. “
What does this suggestion rhymes with? The issue deserves all the more attention since the Zionist agent and IAEA Director General Grossi whose strikes against Iran and in collaboration with Israel are of public interest, has just been allowed to go on an inspection visit on the site of the central and that he even demands that be permanently settled in Zaporijjia its agents. According to TASS, Grossi said the IAEA hopes to set up a permanent mission at the center, which will be led by Ukrainian technicians, and that speaking to them was a priority. “It’s one of the most important things I want to do and I will do it,” he said.
Does Iran reach out to Russia to avoid this life-size trap that the Americans are setting for it? For having “worked” with the IAEA for years, Iran knows exactly what the Agency’s permanent inspections or missions somewhere mean: very precisely acts of physical sabotage, such as explosion, pl hoarding, or cyber attacks on staxnet when it’s not infiltration capable of hijacking a state’s best kept secrets.
And then a permanent mission of Grossi to Zaporizhia means creating a “demilitarized” zone there by expelling the Russians and thus cutting a nuclear abscess under their noses and beards. But how is Iran going to do it? going from a physical defense of the headquarters to the presence of Iranian inspectors at the scene.
This Wednesday, the Warmate strike drone was shot down seconds before hitting the Zaporizjia nuclear power plant. This is a Polish-made unmanned aircraft flew in the direction of nuclear reactors at Europe’s largest nuclear plant but 1.5 to 2 kilometers from the nuclear plant the drone was successfully destroyed . Given its flying speed, the drone is able to reach ZNPP power units in just 30 to 40 seconds, says Avia. for.
In this sense Iranian aid could be more material and affect the DCA domains. Two pieces of anti-drone DCA were just unveiled this week by the Iranian military forces just after two days of drone exercises involving 150 UAVs under the watchful eye of Russian operators in training in Iran different models with different missions
Zaheer’s DCA system has been equipped with an image detector to disrupt the performance of image sensors installed on flying targets such as drones, cruise missiles and enemy micro-aircrafts. It is capable of targeting aerial targets using a high-powered laser.
And since the goal of the US/NATO axis in Kherson is to finally get a hold of Crimea and that in Crimea there is too much demonstration of drone force from the opposite camp, an on-board DCA will be necessary too: the second e system unveiled was a Shahid Haj Qassem short altitude air defense system.
This air defense weapon system, intended for naval point defense, is capable of targeting low-altitude targets, simultaneously using Azarakhsh-class missiles and 6-gun Gatling machine guns.
The missiles of the Azerbaijan air defense system are equipped with thermal imaging sights that thermally track the target. On the other hand, its missile is likely to seek the target by radar and this operation is done electro-optically which can make the system more resilient to electronic wars. Note that the “Shahid Haj Qassem” system is developed to be installed on ships. In short, in Zaparijjia, Iran is responding to the call to prevent the eruption of a 2nd Chernobyl.


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