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August 9, 2022, 2:43 am
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President of Russia had meeting with Head of the Republic of Mordovia Artem Zdunov

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  • Updated on Wednesday, July 6, 2022
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Dhaka July 06 2022 :
Vladimir Putin had a working meeting with Head of the Republic of Mordovia Artem Zdunov.
The regional leader briefed the President on the socioeconomic situation in the Republic on July 5, 2022 at Kremlin, Moscow.
At the beginning of the conversation, the President noted that the situation in the Republic was satisfactory and stable: the GRP, industrial and agricultural output, and the construction sector continue to grow. However, fixed capital investment volumes have declined somewhat.
Artem Zdunov explained that investment volumes were linked to certain infrastructure restrictions in 2020 and 2021 that the region was now addressing.
A five-year programme for the development of the Republic of Mordovia was adopted in December 2021, which aims to increase investment, develop infrastructure and raise wages.
The programme is now in its first year, and 25 major projects are to receive investment for a total amount of 84 billion rubles. Small and medium-sized businesses are expanding. Fixed capital investment in the construction sector continues to grow. Average wages are rising, too.
The Head of the Republic recalled that Saransk is a major science city, which has its own university with 40,000 students from 49 countries.
The city has large precision engineering enterprises. Saransk and nearby Ruzayevka account for 50 percent of the Republic’s economy and for 50 percent of its population. The rest are engaged in agriculture and processing.
According to Zdunov, industry is now prioritising import substitution projects, and the region is working with large companies like Rostselmash, Russian Railways and KAMAZ. There are large-scale investment projects with AFK Sistema, including production of printed circuit boards for telecommunications systems and networks that will be manufactured in Saransk.
The large company Biokhimik manufactures the well-known Areplivir medicine that proved extremely useful during the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, a new plant for active pharmaceutical ingredients will open, and another one for oncology treatments is to open in 2023.
Saransk boasts the only manufacturer in the Eurasian Economic Union that produces optical fibre for the cable industry. The Republic had been importing raw materials and preforms from Japan, but it is now necessary to work with other suppliers, Mr Zdunov noted.
The local authorities had reached an agreement with an Austrian company for the purchase of equipment for preform manufacturing, but the company said it was unable to sell that equipment today. The Republic prepared a request to the Ministry of Industry and Trade for support in creating a R&D centre for preform manufacturing. The Head of the Republic asked the President to support this initiative.
The main indicators in the Republic’s agricultural sector continue to increase. The local authorities are fulfilling the Presidential instructions on organic agriculture.
The discussion also touched upon personnel training projects and involvement in the federal Professional Training project. This year, Mordovia is hosting the 10th National Championship for Young Professionals. In September, it will host the Eurasian Championship, featuring 65 competences, and about nine countries have already confirmed their intention to participate.
In addition, Zdunov spoke about new sports facilities, modernisation and construction of kindergartens and schools, as well as solutions for financial problems in the Republic, in particular, efforts to reduce debt.
Zdunov noted that, as regards healthcare, in 2021, a new surgery facility at the Republic’s Clinical Hospital for Children and an outpatient clinic at the Republic’s oncology centre were put into operation.
The Head of the Republic asked the President to support a project for upgrading the local oncology hospital.


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